How to Stay Productive During Summer!

First and foremost, we hope you are having a productive summer. Hopefully you’ve had the chance to relax after an engaging Spring Semester. It’s important to destress and relax during summer vacation however, adulting is year-round, which means it’s important to continue to work hard towards accomplishing your goals. We have gathered some tips and tricks to help you have a productive summer!

  1. Adapt to the changing schedule.

    Summer months usually mean long days and shorter nights so people tend to take advantage and spend most of their day sleeping. Don’t become a victim of this. Decide on a bed time that works for you, create a set schedule and stick by it every day.  An excellent resource is the Bedtime function within IPhone’s alarm clock app which reminds you set a bedtime goal and then puts your phone on do not disturb.

  2. Make to-do lists and stick by them.

    Before each day or week starts, make a list of all the things you need to accomplish before it ends. This will help you complete all your tasks and responsibilities. Another tip is to place this list where you can easily see it on a daily basis. Having it in front will motivate you to work harder.

  3. Enjoy the perks of a vacation without spending hundreds of dollars.  

    If you’re anything like us and don’t have an extravagant summer vacation planned, don’t worry! You can still enjoy the small perks of a vacation without spending hundreds of dollars. Treat yourself to a spa day, go hiking, or have a picnic on the beach with a group of friends.

  4. Increase your knowledge.

    Just because school’s over does not mean the learning also has to stop. Buy or rent some books to read over the summer, listen to TED talks, learn a new language, or take a skills class outside of your school.  UOP students also have access to which is an excellent resource for learning through online classes

  5. Take up a summer internship.

    The best way to spend your time over summer is to do an internship with a reputable company. No matter how little or no pay is involved, an internship will give you experience and knowledge which will further help you in your career.

We hope these simple tips to help you have a productive and enjoyable summer!

Written by Wajiha Tahir

VP of Social and Web Development